Property Management Services


The management professionals at Sterling IMC draw upon their extensive experience in brokerage and ownership of real estate in the operation of their clients’ investment properties, with the ability to sustain and increase value and cash flow.


  • Easy to Understand Owners' Statements
  • Active leasing 7 days a week with no additional leasing fees
  • Online vacancy listings and application process
  • Thorough tenant screening and interview process
  • Regular exterior property inspections
  • No "Profiting" off maintenance expenses
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance response
  • NO hidden costs associated with management operations
  • Owner Statements provided monthly on last business day of each month including copies of all  invoices paid during each period

Hands On Approach

Operations of your property will be handled by the Owners of Sterling Investments as if it were their own.  If you have in place vendors you are happy with; we are happy to work with them or provide independent services as needed by our trusted vendors.

Re-positioning to Take Advantage of the Increasing Market Rental Rates

As everyone knows San Diego's rental marking is one of the best in the Nation.  Contact us to discuss how we can re-position your property to achieve those market rents you read about.  

We have become vintage property experts; remodeling of units while maintaining their vintage charm. 

Take a look at some of our unit remodels in the gallery below.

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