Client Testimonials

Mary Montle Bacon, Ph.D

  What a find Sterling Investments have been for me! A rarity in the impersonal, sometimes marginally dishonest world of property management, I have been amazed at their conscientiousness and attention to detail. Their hands-on management style has brought a sense of relief to an absentee landlord that I have not had previously in my 30+ years of real estate investing. After only a few months, I have witnessed substantive changes in tenant satisfaction, acceptance of increased rents, enhanced curb appeal of my property and undesirables removed from the area. Just as important, they communicate with landlords about issues related to the property and are diligent in trying to identify the most costs effective options for repairs and maintenance. After years of dissatisfaction with property management companies, I have found a gem that treats my property as their own!  

Drew Reynolds, President RDG, Inc.

  I have been very happy with Sterling Investments. They came in on a building for me that was radically underperforming my expectations. Having run the numbers back and forth, it seemed that my old property management firm was not measuring up. It seemed as though they were set up for large communities, not small buildings like mine. I decided to shop around and see if there were any alternatives. Sterling came along with a very straight-forward approach, easy to read reporting and truly affordable management costs and they have even been proactive and efficient at keeping my maintenance costs down. I have seen an improvement in my take home cash of about 20-30% of gross rents received (depending on vacancy.) Thanks to Damien and all the guys!  

R. Horlick (City Heights Owner)

  I have owned an 8-unit apartment building since the summer of 2003. During the first few years, I had used a different management service and had a significant negative cash flow during that time. Three years ago I switched to Sterling Management on the recommendation of an acquaintance. Sterling, by keeping a careful watch on all of our bills, and by catching and correcting several important irregularities in billing and receipts, was able to turn our building around. Since retaining Sterling, the loss turned into a profit during the very first year, and has continued to grow for each of the 3 years since then. They keep me apprised of important events and keep the business of running the building very smooth. I am very happy with the service, attention and improvements that Sterling has provided and would highly recommend them to my friends, colleagues and acquaintances.